I Transformed My PS5 with Dbrand’s Transparent Darkplates to Have a Fire Orange and Atomic Purple Color Scheme

Would you agree technology peaked in the days of candy-colored gadgets in see-through hues like “Atomic Purple” and “Bondi Blue”? If so, Dbrand would greatly enjoy weaponizing your nostalgia against

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Storm Season Survival: A Must-Have Product and an Essential Tip

We're only a few days into storm season and it's looking to be an active year. Power outages often accompany storms, and a reliable portable device charger is important. I

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Sonos Cuts 7% of Staff Amid Declining Speaker Demand

In a filing with the SEC on Wednesday, Sonos shared news that

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New Leak of Galaxy Z Fold 5 Reveals a Hinge with Flat Closure Option

Galaxy Z Fold 4 folded in half on a desk, showing a

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Call of Duty’s skin of TimTheTatman removed by Activision.

Activision has removed another streamer’s skin (from a game, not their body).

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Overcoming Challenges of Hyper-Personalization in Highly Competitive E-Commerce Markets

The landscape of digital commerce is ever-evolving, driven by the increasing embrace

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The Wise Move of Amazon Revisiting Amazon Tap: An Analysis

Amazon Tap with Alexa technology The release of the Amazon Tap did

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View 45 minutes of fresh Starfield gameplay.

Last year, we were given a 15-minute preview of Starfield at Microsoft’s

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Microsoft’s inXile has created Clockwork Revolution, an innovative role-playing game set in the steampunk genre.

During the Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday, Microsoft showcased a new steampunk

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Testing Code in a Browser is Now Available for Alexa Developers

Developers of skills for the Alexa platform no longer need an Echo,

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